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Mississippi River Walleye Fishing Alma Fishing Float
LaCrosse Wisconsin
Mississippi River Guided Hunting & Fishing Trips
Addicted River Guiding Specializes in Providing Everything You Need
For a Successful Hunting & Fishing Adventure!

Hunting at Schreiner's Sport Shop   Welcome to the home of Wisconsin and Minnesota Guided Duck Hunts, Waterfowl Hunting Trips, Walleye and Northern Pike Fishing on the Mississippi River Pool 4, Pool 5, and Lake Pepin. Addicted River Guiding specializes in World Class Guided Duck Hunting on the Upper Mississippi River Flyway and the Best Walleye Fishing on the Great River.

  The Mississippi River is truly one of God's Greatests Gifts, every Duck Hunter and Fisherman should experience at least once!

Captain Jeremy's goal is to provide you with a safe, memorable, educational, and enjoyable experience.

Having fun and being in the great outdoors is what it is all about!
Come Experience Hunting & Fishing the amazing Upper Mississippi River!

Mississippi River . . . . . . . . . . Addicted
Waterfowl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Addicted
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Mississippi River Walleye Fishing Guide

Fishing Mississippi River Rippin

Lake Pepin is also an Amazing Waterfowl Resource . . .
Diver Duck Hunting . . . At times it is Dynomite!

We take full advantage fo being able to OPEN WATER HUNT.

Layout boat hunting is phenominal, an experience you won't forget, exciting and different.

Divers are targeted in the layout boats, but Lake Pepin can also produce "AWESOME MALLARD HUNTS"!!!

  The ability to adapt and make changes while duck hunting and fishing may be one of Capt Jer's strongest points. The river may change by the day or even by the hour. Temperature, calendar date, wind, flow, clarity, food source, hunting & fishing pressure, barometer, etc. A good guide must continuously scout to know and undertand these variable conditions.

"I just can't leave the river! Just the second year fishing we boated and released over twenty 8lb walleye and now we catch more walleye, trophy walleye, and kill more ducks than I ever imagined."
. . . Captain Jer

Fishing Mississippi RiverThe Mississippi River is one of God's Greatest Gifts . . .
Minnesota Wisconsin Mississippi River Valley . . . to All Outdoorsmen!

Bluffs, bald eagles, swans, majestic scenery, small river towns and all the wonderful people. It is a great resource for the waterfowler and the fisherman both. Addicted River Guiding is here to offer you Fine-Tuned Hunting and Fishing Experience in the Minnesota and Wisconsin waters of Pool 4 and Pool 5.

Many times a person doesn't realize what's in their backyard!


Fishing Mississippi River Rippin

Lake Pepin is often referred to as a Fish Factory . . .Lake Pepin Pool 4 Pool 5 Fishing . . . Which It Is!

Lake Pepin holds over 85 documented species and has a phenominal forage base. Throughout the Mississippi River system walleye and sauger are abundant and everyday there is the possiblity for a Trophy Northern Pike or Walleye!!!

Visit our website MISSISSIPPI RIVER FISHING GUIDE for Walleye Fishing Information

Everyone knows about the BUFFALO COUNTY BUCKS, WHAT ABOUT DUCKS!!!!!!

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Lake Pepin Fishing
LaCrosse Wisconsin
Mississippi River Duck Hunting and Walleye Fishing Guide